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Arendal Vintners AS (AV) is a merchant of fine wines and an agent representing foreign wine makers in the Norwegian market. For collectors AV advises in wine investment, and does valuations and guidance in acquisition and sales processes. In addition AV provides a wine list management service for selected restaurants and wine bars, thus securing a wider service whiteout violating their cash flows. AV Provenance provides storage according to HKQAA standards and does auditing of professional storage facilities. 


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Arendal Vintners will be  happy to elaborate on a possible representation of you as a foreign wine makers in the Norwegian market.  As representatives our aim is to provide personal follow-up and commitment to a small portfolio of high quality artisanal wine makers in order to give the best possible support. We look for high quality producers with interesting stories to communicate.

The representation comprises both sales towards Vinmonopolet (The state retail monopoly) and in the (free) Horeca market. It is important to underline that the consumer/ retail market in Norway is highly regulated. All stores selling wine are run by the state monopoly (Vinmonopolet), and qualified importers (as Arendal Vintners) have equal possibilities of obtaining a place in the shelves (tastings done blind). Further, all licensed importers have the right to get their products in the so-called “Bestillingsutvalget”, a large online list from which the customers may order any wine.

As advertising of alchol is prohibited in Norway,  reviews,  tasting events, winemaker’s dinners, wine tours etc are both appreciated by the interested customer and key to nurture brand awareness. As a representative Arendal Vintners will coordinate such activities on behalf of the producers. 

With your inquiry to Arendal Vintners, we ask you to  provide photos of bottles and labels, vineyard and winery - in addition to product details and an outline of wine making philosophy and most important achievements (in your own opinion). 

The Norwegian consumer market is centralized and price sensitive. Quality and diversification (by stories, design etc) are important, but as triggers within the different price levels. Thorough and transparent calculations and discussions are needed to ensure best possible positioning.

Arendal Vintners is always open for suggestions and ideas from people who follow special appellations and districts, either it is commercially, enological, in marketing, journalism or social.
Don´t hesitate to make contact!

Arendal Vintners is active in providing fine and rare items for collectors and restaurateurs, and we do advising of Norwegian collectors in sales process towards foreign buyers (we ourselves are legally restricted on buying from Norwegian citizens).
Pure investing is organized through international partnerships, and our main partner is Rarewine Invest. However we do also advice in the establishement of collections based on a combination of financial and affective approaches, where storage is done outside of bonded structures.  

Arendal Vintners are asking for offers on limited quantities of ready-to-drink vintages from the international market. These items are presented to our private customers on special import terms - and to listed clients within Horeca. The sought after items in "Ready to drink" are categories like "Brand Value" and "Value Picks". 

For trade offers and for liaisons, please put forward more information by using our e-mail:

The trade activities are concerned with all aspects of provenance, and has an established Scandinavian cooperation for assessing purposes.    

TASTING SAMPLES are to be sent in two bottles of each label to our street address, with pro forma invoice sticked to case and copied to us in e-mail.

Contents of pro forma invoice:
Your company details
Name of each item (including "wine")
Volume on each item (cl/dl) 
Content of alcohol (on each item)
No of collies/ boxes
Brutto weight in total
Payment: amounts=0 

Arendal Vintners AS
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