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Arendal Vintners AS (AV) is a merchant of fine wines and an agent representing foreign wine makers in the Norwegian market. For collectors AV advises in wine investment, and does valuations and guidance in acquisition and sales processes. In addition AV provides a wine list management service for selected restaurants and wine bars, thus securing a wider service whiteout violating their cash flows. AV Provenance provides storage according to HKQAA standards and does auditing of professional storage facilities. 

Lawyer enters Arendal Vintners


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Lawyer enters Arendal Vintners

C Litangen

Lars Fensli Hvalgård-Bakke has acquired 25 per cent of shares in Arendal Vintners as part of a private placement the company did in early September. Mr. Hvalgård-Bakke also runs a law-practice, and is specialized in corporate issues. Besides being a lawyer he has an in-dept knowledge of the wine-business, both from the tasting side and the economical related aspects. He is frequently travelling to in Piemonte and other wine producing areas in Italy and France. Having spent years of his education in Germany, he also has a soft spot for German wines.

Arendal Vintners is working within a highly regulated sector in Norway. His judical expertise is an obvious reason for inviting Mr. Hvalgård-Bakke to take part in the ownership of the company. However, his amazing insight in the world of wine, that was the real reason!