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Arendal Vintners AS (AV) is a merchant of fine wines and an agent representing foreign wine makers in the Norwegian market. For collectors AV advises in wine investment, and does valuations and guidance in acquisition and sales processes. In addition AV provides a wine list management service for selected restaurants and wine bars, thus securing a wider service whiteout violating their cash flows. AV Provenance provides storage according to HKQAA standards and does auditing of professional storage facilities. 


The Arendal Vintners blog is about wine, wine areas, producers, markets, trade and related practicalities


Outside the box!

C Litangen

Chair of Board in Arendal Vintners, AS, Anders Holm.

Chair of Board in Arendal Vintners, AS, Anders Holm.

Anders Holm (MSc) is head of the board and the second founding partners of Arendal Vintners. He has special interest in what comes out of the Langhe valley, and is heading a local collectors´ society.  – For the fun of it, he says. Anders is providing insight from an interesting business career, and characterizes the monopolized system in Norway as both good and bad. - It secures high quality and trustworthy retail. At the same time you can judge it as an apparatus for the well-established and dominant distributors, he explains.  There are interesting opportinities for emerging entities like Arendal Vintners, if they are succeeding in doing business from outside the established framework, he continues.

- We have at least two challenges in this sector today. One is that the Norwegian restaurateurs and collectors are cut off from the goodies if they are not operating internationally. This constitutes an opportunity for a company like ours. We can help them out.  Secondly, you need to provide vintages ready to drink without having to store them for decades. To adjust for these anomalies, you need at least one finger in the international trade to have a sound business, Anders Holm states!