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Arendal Vintners AS (AV) is a merchant of fine wines and an agent representing foreign wine makers in the Norwegian market. For collectors AV advises in wine investment, and does valuations and guidance in acquisition and sales processes. In addition AV provides a wine list management service for selected restaurants and wine bars, thus securing a wider service whiteout violating their cash flows. AV Provenance provides storage according to HKQAA standards and does auditing of professional storage facilities. 

Investors evening 17th November


The Arendal Vintners blog is about wine, wine areas, producers, markets, trade and related practicalities


Investors evening 17th November

C Litangen

Arendal Vintners invites to a presentation of opportunities in the Fine Wine market. The event will be at Bankgården Arendal, starting from 18.00, and is open to interested parties, but limited no of seats.


  • How is the market organized
  • What has been the financial outputs from the market
  • How do I do my placements - and how do I follow the development
  • What are the tax implications
  • Do I need to store my purchases or is it a contract based market
  • How do I realize my positions 
  • Will Arendal Vintners buy my cellar?
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